Thanks Universal

Dear Universal
I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how things are going for me since completing the Professional Bookkeeper Program in March, 2010 and The PB’s Guide to QuickBooks Program in April, 2010.
I  have gotten one client.  I do monthly sales taxes for his business.  We will be doing financials the end of October so that tax planning can be done.
After speaking with you on what organizations to belong to, I joined in my home town.  I have been attending many of the meetings and have landed a job doing the books for a county juvenile justice board. I feel the exposure to several attorneys and other business people is tremendous.
I have also picked up an assisted living home.  I will be doing the A/R and A/P on a weekly basis.  The company is in need of a person who can help get them back on track as far as their expenditures go.  They are great people and have agreed to the changes I have proposed to help their cash flow.  I will be getting a monthly fee of $350 to start, with a set up fee of $400 and back bill for their input from January to June of $1,350.  I did have to redo my engagement letter in order to “save” this company.  We have agreed to revisit the monthly fee once I get them back to where they should be.  I will be able to charge them up to $1,050.  I believe that the higher fees will be effective by January, 2011.
I believe that I will increase by client count once the last 2 clients see what I can do and pass this on to others.
Thanks for all the encouragement you have given me.  It is very appreciated.
Kay H.
Kachina Bookkeeping & Tax Services


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