Making the Change

What made you want your own service,

  • Layoff was the biggest motivation. I provided part time IT services to small and mid size biz and those business owners always complained about how poor service they got from their accountants and since they used quickbooks software they thought it is all IT which technially it was not. I had 0 knowledge of accounting even with my own biz and so I added one more practice to what I was offering and increase my revenue.

2.  How the course helped,

  • Gained all accounting knowledge from 0 to the max. In IT world it’s said that you don’t learn anything until your hands get dirty……..with PB it was intense and helped me get my hands dirty in accounting field so it helped a lot.

3.  How many clients you have now,

  • 2 (1 Bookkeeping and 1 Tax) but have about 30 strong leads after sending out about 250 letter and talking to many business owners and I am guessing will have more as 2011 starts.

4.  How your life has changed, and

  • Working and putting the name out there. Love to talk to people and provide various solutions. Seeing smile on business owners face is the best feeling ever and knowing that they can come to me for solid advise tells me that life will change and it will change fast.

5.  How you feel about your future.

  • I have busted my balls (sorry for the language here) to get 1st client sign on Letter of engagement. But now I am confident that I can do it and repeat it again and again and again and grow my practice. A buddy of mine is studying to become CPA and when I talk to him it’s like dejavu with him and was surprised how I knew so much in like 2 months. There were certain lingo and few things that even he didn’t know about and was surprised that I had my first client and that I was not a CPA.

Thanks for everything UAC
Samip P.


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