Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, & Forbes Magazine All Agree

Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Forbes Magazine all agree. One of the Top Businesses Still Thriving Today is Accounting. Even with the current economy the accounting business is booming.
Inc. Magazine says, “According to recent data from Sageworks, private accounting firms have seen a 20.9 percent growth in profit over the last 12 months.” They also highlight the facts that Profit Margins are high and many opportunities for start-ups in this business.
Entrepreneur Magazine says, that accounting is the #1 Top Consulting Business Thriving Today. “Accounting is something that every business needs, no matter how large or small. Accounting consultants can help a business with all of its financial needs.”
Forbes Magazine has been saying it for years, The #1 Most Profitable Business to Start is an Accounting Services Business. They say there are three reasons for this: “pricing power (everybody needs accountants, no matter how the economy is doing), low overhead and marketing scale, thanks to plenty of repeat clients.”
These very influential magazines see it; our students see it; we want you to see it. This is a real business that you can start and run from home or office. We have been teaching accounting for years and professionals that can do this work are always in high demand.
Universal Accounting has taught accounting over 30 years. We teach our students how to do the accounting and bookkeeping work from start to finish in typically 30 days of part time training. We teach our students how to get clients, bill clients, and even how to earn as much as $30-60 an hour doing so. All from your home DVD player and training manuals.
Universal Accounting even provides student support to help people with any question they might have. You can email or call with questions about the course or testing, or even marketing questions. Anything that will help you with your business is provided with out student support.
So now is the time to get out of that rut, that dead end job, that downward spiral. Get motivated and become a student and start your accounting and bookkeeping business today. This new life will begin with is new step of Enrolling Today.


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