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Bug Out Bag

Bug Out Bag / Survival Kit

Discussion of bug out bag / survival kit contents along with some bug out concepts: short term vs long term bug out gear number and type of survival knives survival firearm choices bug out bag weight considerations bug out bag food choices

Building Your SHTF Gunshot Survival Kit

Ideally, the best method for dealing with a gunshot wound is to not get shot.  Since there is absolutely no way to guarantee such luck (even people who avoid conflict can still be a victim of it), we must set aside some money, and space in our bug-out-bag, for a fast and effective medical pouch designed specifically for a traumatic combat injury.

Urban Bug Out Bag

The following project is an effort at creating an Urban Bug Out Bag from the ground up The compartments included in Part 1 include: Cooking Compartment PDF Document (Itemized list of Bug Out Bag contents):