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Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)

The Individual First Aid Kit (Improved First Aid Kit), or IFAK, is a piece of equipment that you should carry with you no matter where you are The IFAK alone is not enough to prepare you for the event that could cause you to use the kit First aid kit Other first aid supplies:

The Mass Casualty Incident

The Mass Casualty Incident A Mass Casualty Incident is any event in which your medical resources are inadequate for the number and severity of injuries incurred.  Mass Casualty Incidents (we’ll call them “MCIs”) can be quite variable in their presentation. S

How To Survive A Gunshot Wound

While most of you will likely never be in the position that Reeson found himself, the question is worth asking: If, god forbid, you are ever shot, what should you do to survive? Tell them “Gun Shot Wound” and exactly where the injured person is located