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Homemade Air Conditioner DIY – The “5 Gallon Bucket” Air Cooler DIY- can be solar powered How to make a non-compressor based “5 gallon bucket” air conditioner simple DIY items needed: bucket, Styrofoam liner, pvc pipe, small fan, and ice cooled air was in the mid

The Nice Get-a-way

Located in Granite Falls, Washington, the home has one bedroom and one bathroom And besides for its cool sloping exterior, the inside is pretty modern with a spiral staircase and gleaming hardwood floors

Inside the Kansas survival shelter

Caves will be ‘the world’s largest private underground survivor shelter’ Kansas caverns are 100-ft to 150-ft below the surface Atchison is known as the birthplace of Amelia Earhart and one of the most haunted towns in Kansas, Pregont said, so the survival shelter is likely to add to the town’s tourism draw. Tour of massive underground shelter being built in Kansas

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Another firm who produce corrugate pipe shelters are Utah Shelter Systems – offering an eight foot diameter by 32-foot length shelter for $50,000. A view of the beds in the survival shelter in Montebello, California A view of the luxurious dining area inside the survival shelter in Montebello, California Inside a luxury bomb shelter

Outdoor Survival

Survival expert Peter Kummerfeldt takes us through a 10 chapter step by step guide to surviving in Colorado’s back country. 1-Defining Survival: 2-Understanding Survival:

Make a Garbage Bag Shelter Part of Your Survival Kit

I’m not sure how the early settlers along the Oregon Trail or the western frontier  got along without duct tape, WD-40 or trash bags, but life surely would have been easier with them rash  bags, in particular, are included in all my survival kits Always dress for the weather conditions, and never depend on a shelter to make up for inadequate clothing