Our Awful Situation

Our Awful Situation: Secret Combinations Above Us (part 1 of 4) is a compilation of quotes from LDS prophets, and political and other leaders throughout history, and their statements on Secret Combinations, Secret Societies, New World Order, One World Order, Communism, Socialism, Propaganda, Conspiracy Theories, Conspiracy Fact, International Bankers, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Lucifer, Secret Oaths, etc.

Being Warned

VIDEO: Our Awful Situation: Secret Combinations Above Us
In 2007 M.G. Vincent compiled these quotes about Secret Combinations, from the Book of Mormon, LDS prophets, historical leaders and individuals from around the world. Previously this was passed around in a PDF document: click to download. I have recently created a video presentation featuring those same quotes… Please share this with others.

Harold B. Lee said…
The kingdom of God must be a continuing revolution against the norms of the society that fall below the standards that are set for us in the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the field of public life, it must be a continuing revolution against proposals that contradict the fundamental principles as laid down in the Constitution of the United States, which was written by men whom God raised up for this very purpose. If we remember that, we will be in the forefront of every battle against the things that are tearing down our society. (“Keep Your Lamp Lighted” 104)

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