Level 2

Level 2 Certification (must be Level 1 Certified)

1. One family member must be CPR certified

2. Family must have the following insurance:

a. Home owners Insurance (with Fire coverage)

b. Auto insurance for any vehicles they drive

c. Life insurance policy for providers

3. Create a Family Estate Overview

a. Family Member information: names, blood types, DOB’s, SSN, medical information (allergies, prescriptions, pre-existing conditions, etc.)

b. Work information for those employed

c. Emergency contact #s (Family, Neighbors, Family Doctor, Pediatrician, Insurance Agent, Attorney)

d. Quick Reference Insurance Information (Life, Auto, Home, etc.)

i. Policy numbers for each policy

ii. Basic coverage amounts

iii. Contact number for filing insurance claims, etc.

e. Family Balance Sheet and Inventory (List of Family Assets/Liabilities, with Account #s, Contact information, Serial Numbers, etc.)

4. Photocopies/digital backups of all your important documents (All insurance policies, Titles, Wills, Power of Attorneys, Securities, Home appraisal, inventory, Social Security cards, front pages of your passport, etc.). Include a copy of these important documents with your Family Estate Overview. You may consider putting a copy of your Family Estate Overview with copies of your important documents in a water proof bag inside your 72 hour kits.

5. Family Financial Review (review budget, expenditures, debt payoff, short term goals, retirement goads)

6. Acquire at least one Tow Way Radio (GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service), FRS (Family Radio Service), CB (Citizen Band), or Ham Radio)

a. Keep it charged, and have spare batteries.

b. Know the emergency frequencies for note radios.

7. Food Storage (6months of food and toiletries, two weeks of water)

8. Emergency Cash Fund: $100 per person/$200 per family minimum.

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